Pen Drill 342 Rotary Nail Tool

Pen Drill 342 Rotary Nail Tool
Designed for easy and safe use, the Pen Drill 342 is very compact, light weight, and highly efficient.  The Pen Drill 342 measures only 6” long and 1” diameter, and weighs just 4 oz.  Features include a variable speed from 3,000 rpm to 18.000 rpm, suitable for all grinding works from delicate to rapid tasks.  The pen-shaped design and the wheel-typed speed control make the Pen Drill 342 extremely easy to use.  Best of all, the Pen Drill 342 is powered with 9 volts adaptor for safe use.  It gives you a convenient power to work in your shop or at home.

Technical Specification:

Housing:   High impact  plastic . Double insulated.
Speed:      Variable from 3000 to 18000 rpm.
Adaptor:    120V/60Hz
Color:        Silver

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